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Make a tax-deductible contribution through our secure online donation platform. Your donation will be made to the Billions in Change Foundation, which uses 100% of all funds received to bring useful inventions to the unlucky half of the world, including providing HANS™ PowerPacks and HANS™ Solar Briefcases to those without electricity, training farmers in the Shivansh Fertilizer method, and delivering RainMaker filtration systems to villages in need of clean water.

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Billions in Change Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a nonprofit corporation that has applied to the IRS for recognition as a tax-exempt entity described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation hopes that the IRS will grant that status retroactive to the date of the Foundation’s formation (July 28, 2017) and knows of no reason why it would not be so recognized; if its application is approved, the Foundation will provide any donors with a letter via email describing the deductibility of any charitable gifts it received.