Girl learning about plantsThe Billions in Change Instructional Toolkit offers an in-depth look at the issues, inventions, people, and problem-solving philosophy behind Billions in Change. The toolkit includes custom lessons drawn from the experiences of Billions in Change founder, Manoj Bhargava, that offer both academic rigor and real-world application.

Featuring interactive and interdisciplinary units of study, the toolkit is designed for integration into any middle- or high-school curriculum. It presents new ideas and ways of thinking, not only in terms of understanding and addressing problems, but also in terms of students’ potentials, roles, and responsibilities as citizens of the world. Given that 1.8 billion young people fall between the ages of 10-25, the lessons and activities in this toolkit engage an age group that represents nearly one quarter of the world’s population. As that generation is poised to take on a wholly unique set of social and environmental challenges, the responsibility of the current generation is to equip them for success.

This instructional toolkit has several goals:
  1. Inspire students with stories of real-life solutions to serious global problems, and motivate them to believe that they, too, can play an active role in improving humanity.
  2. Cultivate students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development by introducing fresh perspectives on global citizenship, empathy, and problem solving.
  3. Promote a more complete understanding of the root causes underlying the world’s most pressing problems—specifically limited access to electricity, clean water, and preventative health care—and the rationales behind the inventions created to solve them.
  4. Equip students with the knowledge and skillsets needed for communicating about, designing, and participating in effective problem solving.
The following units comprise the instructional toolkit: