Citizenship and Life

For each category below, list an action, event, or story that exemplifies good citizenship and an action, event, or story that exemplifies poor citizenship.

CategoryGood CitizenshipPoor Citizenship
At school
At a public park
On a crowded bus
On a highway
An historical event
A current event
Someone famous
With your friends

Redefining Citizenship

Based on the essay What Really Makes Someone a Good Citizen? by Manoj Bhargava, please respond to the statement by circling True or False. After completion, discuss the statements as a group to support your responses.

1. True citizenship requires acting in a certain way.TF
2. Citizenship is about rights, not responsibilities.TF
3. Citizenship as an obligation is a new idea.TF
4. Citizenship is an action that can be used to unite a variety
of geopolitical groups.
5. All human beings are citizens of the world.TF
6. True citizenship actively promotes goodness and well being
for all humanity.
7. Citizens must have monetary resources to be effective in changing the world.TF
8. Words and position titles are the most important in enacting citizenship.TF
9. We all require the same skillsets to be good citizens of the world.TF
10. Citizenship is about doing what we want to do as individuals.TF