Billions in Change brings useful inventions to the unlucky third of the world, enabling higher quality of life for billions of people.

What We Do

Billions in Change develops and delivers inventions that help the unlucky half of the world obtain basic needs like clean water, reliable electricity, and sufficient food. Those fundamentals set the foundation for education, health, and livelihood, enabling people to improve life for themselves and for their families. To learn more, watch the film.

How We’re Different

We are enablers. We invent for free electricity, free fertilizer, and clean water because when you address that which is fundamental, you enable everything above it. So we don’t do education, we enable education. We don’t do health—in terms of vaccines and cures—we enable health. We don’t give people money, we enable them to make a living. The fundamental areas of energy, water, food, and health enable not only wellness and livelihood, but they also enable lasting solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

Our Founder

Billions in Change is led by billionaire Manoj Bhargava, creator of 5-hour ENERGY, who believes those with more have a duty to serve those with less. He is committed to enabling the unlucky half of the world to obtain basic needs so they can live healthy, productive lives. That goal is the focus of the work he is funding through Stage 2, The Hans Foundation, and The Hans Foundation Hospitals. Manoj has dedicated 99 percent of his wealth to helping those in need and is employing a unique zero-profit business model in order to serve as many people as possible.


What are the resources the unlucky third of the world needs to make a living? Manoj Bhargava has some answers, and is using his wealth to developing practical solutions that meets those basic needs.