The HANS Foundation USA

The Hans Foundation USA engages with philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and non-profit organizations whose interests align with it’s mission. That mission is to improve life for the unlucky half of the world with useful inventions that provide clean water, reliable electricity, nutritious food, and better health. Those fundamentals enable everything from education and entrepreneurship to livelihood and longevity.

Specifically, the Foundation raises money, forms partnerships, and makes grants to other charitable organizations whose activities directly address problems related to energy, water, and health. The Foundation also supports organizations that seek to invent, create, and implement solutions to those problems, most especially in rural India where a large percentage of the world’s population is disproportionately affected. We work with our partners to build custom collaborations in order to serve the most people as efficiently as possible.

The Foundation shares the common goals of The Hans Foundation in India that was established in 2009. It strives to support the outstanding operational projects of the India foundation that have been making a difference in India for years.

The Hans Foundation USA also accepts financial contributions from individual donors. 100% of all donations received are used to fund initiatives on the ground to help those in need.